--> Ensenada Cruisers
The Cruisers Net is a group of local cruisers along with visiting cruisers who volunteer their knowlege, assistance and time in order to build a community of support and fellowship while on their boating journey.
Weather & Communication Information
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1.  Mexican Navy monitors   VHF 16      at all times

2.  ENSAR - Mexican Navy Search and Rescue 177 38 12     

3.  Red Cross (like our paramedics): Police and Fire Department
    dial 066 from any phone.

4.  Security Turista: any phone dial 078

5.  Hotel Coral Marina emercency - monitors                   
    or phone (646) 175 00 00

6.  U.S. Coast Guard monitors                    also other numbers 

The Cruisers Net operates weekly
Monday thru Saturday and begins at 8.00 AM on VHF Radio -69
( 9.00 AM Saturday )
After the Cruisers Net listen for detailed marine weather, world news and announcements of local events